New Office Space for RxREVU

After 14 months of grinding it out at good ole’ Galvanize, RxREVU has finally outgrown the vibrant start-up campus. We’re excited to grow into our own new office space in the up-and-coming South Platte area of Denver!

Some of our new office highlights:

Awesome Neighborhood

The South Platte area of Denver is a great place to be with an abundance of tech start-ups and businesses flourishing, including the new Galvanize campus. We also have immediate access to one of Denver’s finest establishments – The Denver Beer Co. 🙂

Much Needed Space

Before the move we crammed 14 bodies into a 450 square foot suite… things were a little crowded to say the least. Our new office offers everyone the space and flexibility needed to spread out and take things to the next level.

Flexible Floor Plan

The new space boasts an open floor plan design giving us the opportunity to flex our creativity and craft it into a work space of our own. It also includes two generous sized conference rooms for focused meetings.

One of our software engineers, Dr. Smith, in the zone and getting after some Ruby

A nice view of the Platte River in June

The sales team during one of their intense collab sessions

Our data scientist, Trent, crunching some serious healthcare digits

Our office manager, Susan, keeping things in line (as usual)

One of the benefits of being RIGHT next to Denver Beer Co. – dedicated growlers

A special thanks to our office manager, Susan Francisco, for all her hard work in getting us into this new office!!!

If you’re ever in the neighborhood drop in and say hello.