RxREVU Hosts Aneesh Chopra for Project Argonaut

Denver health organizations, RxREVU and Prime Health, were happy to welcome Aneesh Chopra (the former CTO of the United States) to Denver last week for a fantastic talk on the Argonaut Project.

The Argonaut Project

The Argonaut Project is the beginning of what could become the ultimate standard for healthcare application interoperability. Simply put, its mission is to help healthcare technology tools share data more easily. From the project argonaut website:

The purpose of the Argonaut Project is to develop a first-generation API and Core Data Services specification to enable expanded information sharing for electronic health records, documents, and other health information based on the FHIR specification.

Some of the key healthcare organizations involved in Argonaut already include:

  • Athena Health
  • Cerner
  • Epic
  • McKesson
  • and many more

RxREVU’s FHIR Integration

RxREVU is pleased to announce our platform includes an integration that supports the Argonaut spec and SMART on FHIR (another HIT standard). Our app combines live patient data with the Argonaut spec to help healthcare providers make more informed decisions about medication efficacy, adherence, and cost at the point of care – click here to view the app in the SmartHealthIT Gallery.


We’re excited to expand and continue our involvement in the Argonaut Project in effort to bring powerful cost and transparency tools to the point of care. Learn more about our mission at www.rxrevu.com.